Tarzan and the jewels of opar


The Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar are a unique new casino game that gives the feel of the famous jungle adventure movie. The Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar are a fast-paced game of chance that asks you to think like Tarzan. You are a cub, and your mission is to rescue the beautiful princess called Opal from the jungle. There are five islands where you can go and choose your destination. The five are Karkov, Banyas, Slobodat, Mykolyma, and Opel.

The Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar are played on an open slot machine, a 5 reel, three rows, eighteen payout progressive machines. Land 3 or more matching jewels or symbols on the appropriate paylines on adjacent paylines, beginning from the leftmost machine in the line, and you will form a winning combination. Layouts for this jungle adventure are identical to that of the standard slot game, with the exception that you must alternate horizontal and vertical flippers between each card in the discard pile. Layouts for the other two phases of play are the same.

When you are down to your last two cards, you must leave your symbols on the pay lines and then use the flippers to reveal the hidden jewels. If you pick up more than two jewels this time, the game will have you cross off one line and pick up another. If you pick up three or four, the game will have you cross over the fourth payline and get the win.

Tarzan and the jewels of Opar have a number of bonus features. When you land on an eligible symbol on the paying line, you earn coins that can be used for a variety of things. Two of the free bonus features include the ability to double your cash if you land on a free symbol AND double your coins if you select a double payout symbol on the payoff line. In addition to gaining coins, you will also receive bonus points for each completed Wild slots on your reel.

Playing Tarzan and the jewels of Opar will also entitle you to one free spin on any of the available slots. At the end of the session, you may choose to switch to another casino, or leave the land-based slots and play at the bonus feature of the Opar casino. You do not necessarily have to stay at the Opar casino during your second visit; it is possible to change your winnings to the bonus offered at another online casino. The Opar bonus allows you to switch between casinos, so you never miss out on your chance to make even more money!

There are a number of other slot features offered in this version of Tarzan. In addition to the double payout, players who win a max of ten spins will trigger the “Random Wild Feature.” This is where a random wild number generator randomly picks up the winning numbers for all of the spins on the slot machine. Upon winning, the amount you get back will be multiplied by the random number generator and applied to your account. With all these benefits, it makes sense to play through this slot game.